Our Philosophy

Back pain can be avoided by noticing postural changes early.At the Reinge clinic we use a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to every treatment. 

We have two philosophies: 
  1. First, we  believe in treating the cause of the problem, not just the symptom allowing us to permanently resolve your problem 
  2. Second, our knowledge base is usually only found in elite sporting establishments or specialist medical facilities, however, our philosophy is to take our knowledge and skills out of the elite arena and make them accessible and affordable to everyone.
Injury treatment involves:

  1. A thorough assessment of your problem, looking at movement limitations, muscles, joints, ligaments and nerves.
  2. A holistic perspective of your body, for example, a shoulder problem can often be caused elsewhere in the body.
  3. Bio-mechanical and gait analysis as standard where needed e.g running gait analysis.
  4. Full explanation of how you have developed pain and what we can do.
  5. Hands on treatment to relieve the symptoms of your problem, specific rehabilitation exercises to resolve the underlying cause of your problem.

We aim to get to the route cause of you problem to permanently solve your pain or injury.

Massage Treatment involves:

  1. Thorough discussion of your requirements and past history.
  2. Assessment of the area requiring massage.
  3. Deep massage treatment to the whole body or specific body area.
  4. Advice on any muscular imbalances detected during the massage and exercises given if appropriate.  

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