Personal training for those with chronic health needs
Personal Training for those with chronic health needs:

Standard personal training is not suitable for all. If you have complex health needs or physical problems you may feel concerned about starting a training program. We offer a personal training service for exactly these people and tailor it to their specific needs. 

Our personal training program is run by both Gina and Ian. 
Ian is a physiotherapist with a huge knowledge of chronic health problems. 

With his sports science and personal training background he is perfectly placed to design a program that will improve your fitness levels without affecting your health condition. 

He particularly enjoys working with elderly clients. 

Gina is a sports therapist with specialist knowledge in training people with muscular skeletal problems. 

Due to her Sports Science and MSc studies, Gina has additional  knowledge in training people with chronic health problems, such as obesity, cardio-vascular disease, depression or diabetes.

  • A fun and enjoyable personal training program to cater for your specific needs

  • Understanding chronic health problems and medications affect your abilities on a daily basis.

  • Improvements in the areas you want, fitness, balance, strength, daily living activities.

Call for a free informal chat before booking. 

The first appointment will include an assessment and body screening prior to creating a tailored plan.

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