At the beginning of 2016 and after 40 years of chronic nerve pain to the spine and lower limbs caused by a failed medical procedure in 1969  I was struggling to walk about or drive.   After many visits to Frenchay Pain Clinic and after consulting numerous and diverse specialists my prognosis was extremely grim probably ending in being wheelchair bound.  

Fortuitously I visited Gina Reinge. I had absolutely no expectations, but after studying my MRI  scan and examining my body, I was pleased to be able to report that after a few treatments,  within weeks, the pain to the coccyx (which was the worst area) had all but disappeared.
Gina is refreshingly honest and the results she has achieved with me are incredible and noticed by my friends and family.

I cannot speak highly enough for the way that my quality of life has improved since I first saw Gina.

Susan Shaw


As a G.B. Age group Triathlete I have used Ian's services for several years. He is very efficient at finding the cause of the problem and also treating the symptoms. I initially sought help for stress fractures and with his assistance was able to overcome these and compete in 6 Ironman events without any major injury issues. During my build phase I would attend Ian's clinic on a monthly basis to ensure my body was given a once over. Ian would be able to spot minor issues and imbalances before they became a problem allowing to continue my training.
Thank you Ian for helping me achieve my goals.
The only advice I can give is don't delay seeing Ian as the problem is unlikely to go away on its own.
Eric Downey  
G.B. Triathlon


1 October 2016


Just wanted to say many thanks for all your help last week when my pelvis twisted. I really appreciate the professional response in calling me straight back and fitting me in at such short notice,

The diagnostics and subsequent treatment had an immediate effect and the follow up session was equally positive, the bottom line is I was able to fly out on my business trip the next day and am back up and running (so to speak)!

Very many thanks for all your help.

Yours sincerely
Stephen Rice

I came to see Ian on recommendation of my husband after being in a lot of pain with my feet and also having a numb little toe and having had no luck with a number of other people.
He diagnosed me with having a trapped nerve in my hip causing the numb toe, he worked on it for a just couple of minutes and it improved! He then gave me 'homework' exercises to do and after three visits I was back to normal. I still can't believe that it wasn't picked up on by anybody, Ian was the first person to look beyond my foot to find the problem. As for my painful feet which turned out to be Plantar Fasciitis, he worked wonders on those too.
Vicki John
Heaven on The Hill


You don’t need to be sporty to benefit from seeing a Sports Therapist.  Gina is helping me correct bad habits that started with my shoulder surgery decades ago.  It’s tough when she tells you how many things are wrong but amazing when they start to come right.  

I’ll never be sporty, and don’t want to be, but I have much more energy and better quality of life since she started sorting me out.


I'm no spring chick, all but 50 now but still compete at an international level in powerlifting. Not a common sport but none the less very competitive and to my name have numerous British, European and World records. However, unlike the younger lifters, when I hurt myself, which I inevitably do, I don't get over it in a day and need assistance, rehabilitation and exercises. So far I have always been able to be fixed, and my biggest mistake; not seeing Ian or Gina straight away inevitably  delaying the fixing process.

So whether you are a sports person, or suffering with pain or mobility don't put it off. The sooner you see Ian or Gina the sooner you will be on the road to recovery.

Steve Sprange, Portishead
BDFPA British & European powerlifting record holder. 
World record holder age group Squat.


I am an outdoor activities instructor and coach specialising in canoeing and kayaking so I need to fit and active enough to look after my clients.
Ian has kept me mobile on several occasions following back problems and a frozen shoulder. 

After these emergency interventions he has provided exercise regimes to completely restore movement and strengthen the weakened areas to help prevent recurrence. I can now try any canoeing or kayaking I wish without fear of hurting myself again. Not bad when I have, at times, despaired at times of continuing in the sport I love.



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