Ian Reinge is a members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists

Physiotherapy treatments are aimed at anyone suffering pain and injury, specifically those with a complex medical or health problems. Post operative rehabilitation, the older person, and those with chronic health problems such as arthritis would benefit from physiotherapy treatment.

Gina Reinge is a member of the Sports Therapy OrganisationSports Therapy:

Sports Therapists specialise in muscular-skeletal pain and injury in healthy individuals. A holistic approach to injury assessment combined with hands on treatment and exercise rehabilitation is its trademark. Sports injury, back pain and any muscular pain and injury problems would benefit from sports therapy treatment.

Sports Massage:

Sports Massage is essential for keeping injuries at bay. This is a deep massage which can work on individual areas or the whole body. Not just for sports people, anyone can benefit from a regular sports massage

CNHC is a government regulatory body for Sports Therapists. Gina Reinge is a member for both Sports Therapy and Sports Massage.
biomechanicsSports Science:

Sports Scientists are highly trained in the areas of physiology, biomechanics and sports psychology. They are able to assess movement patterns, running gait, cycling position etc. They can create sports specific training programs, advise on nutrition and weight loss.

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