Weight Management:

wEIGHT management advice and tailored programs Weight management practitioners are a relatively new area of healthcare. They aim to help the client to change their lifestyle to one including a more healthy diet and exercise regime. 

They will look at all areas of your diet, exercise, lifestyle and psychological factors to help you maintain a healthy weight long term.


12 week introductory program

The 12 week program aims to look at your individual lifestyle and tailors it to your specific needs. 

Gina runs our weight management program, she has a diploma in obesity and diabetes management, as well as an MSc in Sport and Health Sciences, and is able to explain exactly why you are overweight and what can be done to improve this.

  • Design a physical activity program that works for you. This does not need to involve the gym, classes or sports.

  • Learn which foods are beneficial and which are not. Why everyday foods cause you to gain weight and what foods are actually doing when you consume them. 

  • Understand what has lead to your increased weight and tackle the issues that are stopping you leading a healthy lifestyle.

  • Work together on long term management, loosing weight is the easy bit, maintaining it is not!


The program involves meeting every 2 weeks either at your home or in the clinic.  

Sessions involve working together to work out the complex areas of weight management. Everybody is an individual and therefore the approach will vary depending on your needs.

This 12 week introductory program costs £43 per session

Call for a free informal face to face chat before booking.


Over the past year I have been working with Gina to target my weight problems. I have been over weight and self-conscious my whole life. The results I have achieved within 12 months have been fantastic. Not only have I lost 3.5 stone of fat but I am now fitter, stronger and healthier then I ever have been before. With Gina 's support and guidance my whole lifestyle and attitude has changed. I now enjoy training and can easly make the right decisions to sustain this wieght loss. Gina has changed not only my physical appearance, but my whole mental attitude and outlook. I know this weight will stay off for the rest of my life. 
I can not recommend Gina enough, I wish I had done this years ago, I am now having the life I want and I am in control of.
Tom, 25

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